The joy of a mountain ridgeline — this painting is taken from drawings of the mountain range called the Remarkables, in Queenstown NZ. I drew and photographed it in every…Read More

Pure Adventure

Inspired by the power of water churning its way through the rocks, carving out its path on its journey. Oil paint and varnish on canvas.90x60cm

Mountain Peace

The permanence of the mountain overlooking the loch. Capturing the serenity of the mountain on a flat calm day, inspired by the Southern Alps of New Zealand. View A3 print…Read More

Misty Lady

A solitary figure finding its peace amongst nature, the feeling of being beautifully small and free when immersed in the mountains. View A3 print available in shop. Oil paint and…Read More

Morning Swim

Inspired by many a morning dip in a loch after waking up on camping trips. There’s something special about slipping into the water as the light is changing and the…Read More

Milford Deep

Inspired by living in Milford Sound, NZ. Leaping into the water was made extra exciting by a natural phenomenon making the water incredibly dark. The salty fiord water is overlayered…Read More


Hiking and camping around Loch Ossian and Corrour in Scotland surrounded by fantastic views of tree-covered islets emerging from the lochs and moors. View original painting available in shop. Oil…Read More

Loch Lomond

A commissioned piece, the brief for this was the view from the Queen’s View walk across the iconic Loch Lomond, capturing the drama and movement of the ever-changing weather across…Read More

Highland Calm

A wee reflection on the similarities between the NZ and Scottish landscapes — a whole world apart but I can understand why so many Scots settled there, reflected also in…Read More

Ice Peak

Capturing the clear crisp air over snow-capped peaks, the feeling of standing on a mountain with the view stretching to the horizon. View A4 print available in shop. Oil paint…Read More