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Art is such a personal choice, so this Gift Voucher allows the recipient to choose their own A3 fine art print from the online shop.

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Endless hopes for further adventures unfolding in the vast landscape, peaks yet unclimbed inspiring adventure.
A3 print


Inspired by many a morning dip in a loch after waking up on camping trips. There’s something special about slipping into the water as the light is changing and the day is establishing itself.
A3 print

Epic Peak

The bulk of a beautiful mountain outlined in the sky, a dusting of snow contrasting in the light.
A3 print

Evening Swim

The peace of quiet reflection, a loch washing away the noise of the day, with the mountains watching on.
A3 print

Highland Calm

A wee reflection on the peace of sitting at a lochside, the sky reflected across the water.
A3 print

Milky Way

The sheer joy of the Milky Way revealing itself in the sky, whether spending the night sleeping under the stars camping or bivvying, or on a nighttime walk.
A3 print

Misty Lady

A solitary figure finding its peace amongst nature, the feeling of being beautifully small and free when immersed in the mountains.
A3 print

Mountain Peace

artwork of a mountain with yellow background

The permanence of the mountain overlooking the loch. Capturing the serenity of the mountain on a flat calm day, inspired time spent at the shores of the loch.

A3 print


The joy of a mountain ridgeline- this painting is taken from drawings of the mountain range I lived close to. I drew and photographed it in every weather and this painting captures some of the light ebbing and flowing across its peaks.
A3 print


Summing up the beauty of feeling completely insignificant in vast landscapes. I find it immensely liberating to be a tiny figure in nature, and it puts life’s problems into perspective. Textured layers of matt and gloss varnishes are poured over the canvas to convey the movement and flow of sky and water.
A3 print