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Gift Voucher Kath Pender Art A4 Print

Art is such a personal choice, so this Gift Voucher allows the recipient to choose their own A4 fine art print from the online shop.

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Bothy Life

Study of the fantastic Lookout bothy on the Isle of Skye. So lucky in Scotland to have bothies as shelters in remote and stunning locations.
A4 print


Sunset behind one of Scotland’s most iconic peaks, Buachaille Etive Mor, the big shepherd of Glencoe.
A4 print

Ice Peak

Capturing the clear crisp air over snow capped peaks, the feeling of standing on a mountain with the view stretching to the horizon.
A4 print

Icy Loch

Two hikers taking a well deserved pause to take in the view, makesall the effort worthwhile!
A4 print


A day spent by the water, dipping in and out, admiring the view and soaking up the landscape.
A4 print

Misty Mountains

Inspired by a long and misty hike, finally getting to the saddle to be rewarded by a brief parting of the clouds. All the effort suddenly worth it for those couple of minutes of view, before the clouds come back in to preserve its mystery.
A4 print

Peaceful Swim

The joy of wild swimming! The feeling of plunging onto the water, your senses immersed in the loch.
A4 print

Snowy Peaks

The permanence of the mountain overlooking the loch. Capturing the serenity of the mountain on a flat calm day, inspired by the Southern Alps of New Zealand.
A4 print

Summit (The Cobbler)

The iconic true summit of the Cobbler, scrambling into this used to be a bravery test for prospective clan chiefs. Love this hill as generations before me have, easily accessible from Glasgow, full of scrambles, climbs and walks, I can’t count how often I’ve been up here!
A4 print