I also paint commissioned pieces, so if you have specific requirements I can paint a bespoke artwork for you.
A good starting point is to browse my current artworks and choose a few in the style you like. We can then discuss what kind of painting you would like and arrange a price and timescale.

Please see the below FAQ, and feel free to get in touch with any questions!

How do I commission a painting?

If you would like to commission a piece, just get in touch! The process usually runs as follows:
-We discuss your painting subject to see if it is possible.
-We have a chat about budget, and the the size and materials of the painting.
-You highlight which of my existing pieces you are most drawn to, to help influence the direction of your piece.
-We have a chat about the possibilities I can offer. Once we are both happy, I get painting!

How much does a commission cost?

There is no definitive answer here! Basically the price is detemined mainly by the size and the complexity of the commission, and the amount of research and prep work needed to create your piece.
A bespoke artwork will cost slightly more than buying one straight ‘off the wall’ in my shop, as it is created specifically for you, and is completely unique!
I understand that commissioning art is not a daily thing for most people, and I am pretty approachable and happy to chat it through, it should not be a daunting process with me! I am used to working to many different budgets and briefs, so please don’t be shy in asking.

How long will it take for my commission to be finished?

Again, this depends on a lot of factors, such as size, subject, and how many other projects I am working on at the time. I will however be completely transparent about timescale and only proceed once we have both agreed a suitable deadline.
One thing to bear in mind is the drying time. I use oil paints and varnishes to create the very vibrant colours- this does however mean the paintings have a long drying time- anything between 4-8 weeks until it can be shipped safely. So if you are looking for an artwork for a special occasion date, it’s best to get in touch well before the time.