Art Studio Behind the Scenes

floor of art studio with paintings on floor

An art studio is always a creative, chaotic (in my case at least!) and fascinating place. I love a nosey around, and to see the process of creating the art.

I have worked in so many fascinating buildings, from old prisons to warehouses, to converted tobacco factories. Artists have a habit of occupying the spaces in a city that would be struggling for use otherwise, and, having moved around a little, I’ve been lucky to create in many of these!

Thanks to Joel Borges Piteira who filmed me in my studio when I was living in New Zealand, you can have a wee tour of my studio too! This one was a converted outhouse, that, along with two other artists from the Queenstown Art Centre, we made into great wee studio spaces!

I am always happy for visitors in my current art studio in Glasgow, Scotland, just contact me here if you fancy popping by.

Hope you enjoy the video. Music is by Safety Nett, who you can listen to on Soundcloud here.